Connecting Integrately with Webhooks

Integrately is super easy to connect to Content Villain with a webhook. So easy, we explained it in a short video! Like most things with webhooks, you need to log into your Content Villain app account. Go to the Webhooks page and then click to add a webhook to the model you desire. Once you do this, you then will be asked to add a URL. This is where you may not know what to do. If you are using Integrately, please go to their page in another tab on your browser. Sign in to your account and make a new workflow. Start this workflow with a webhook.

This will give you a URL. Copy this and go back to the Content Villain tab. Enter it in the field and hit save. That will now be connected up for you. Easy! If you prefer to consume this in an easy viewing video check out the handy one below.

Using a tool like Integrately makes it possible to send the generated content from Content Villain to other apps like Gmail, Airtable, Slack and much more. With a click of a button you can run some pretty complex workflows. Let us know if you get stuck at all!