Connecting with Webhooks is a great platform for those with a bit of technical knowhow and who want to host a product like this themselves. If you can do that then it is the cost of the hosting and not much else! It does mean however that there is a bit of a barrier to entry. They do have a cloud hosted version but I feel that the platform is kinda technical so if you want to go down that route, go for another tool currently. If you have n8n setup then great! You need to go to the Webhooks page in the Content Villain web app. Add the model that you want and you will see the input for the webhook URL. We don't have one just yet so open another tab and go to your n8n instance. Here you create a new flow and choose the trigger as a webhook. You will need to ensure that you change the request to POST and then copy down the test webhook URL, not the production one! 

Now save that flow in n8n and attach the test webhook URL to the Content Villain app by inputting it into the field and hitting save. You can now do a test run by running that model and sending a test to n8n when it is listening for data. You should see this appear. Build the rest of your n8n flow and then the final step is to go back into the webhook trigger and copy out the production URL webhook. You will need to repeat the process to add this to your Content Villain account and hit save.

Little Bit Fiddly but Worth Doing Right

Using n8n is a little bit more complicated than the rest of these integrations because you need to connect up the test webhook prior to the production webhook but once it is done, it works like a dream. Super easy to connect a bunch of other apps and especially powerful for cron jobs, scheduling things and getting everything that you need, done. Again, it is a bit on the technical side so if you are looking for a UX friendly solution, the best in the business is probably Zapier.