Connecting Zapier with Webhooks

Zapier has a reputation for quality and ease of use and it is no wonder why. They have thousands of app integrations and a very user friendly setup. They have also been around for the longest. Their premium place in the market demands a premium price tag but for a solution that works and saves you a ton of time, it i still tremendous value. Connecting a webhook to Zapier from Content Villain is also a pretty straightforward process. What you need to do is create a new zap. The trigger will be a webhook. You want to catch a webhook, keep all the other settings the same until you see the webhook URL. Copy this, open up your Content Villain web app and go to the Webhook page. Once you find the model you want to link up, select it and enter the URL in the relevant field, hit save.

Now it is just a case of testing it. Click test in Zapier and go to that model in Content Villain. Enter your inputs and do a generation and you will see the send to webhook button. Hit that, check Zapier and you should see your data automatically appear! Happy days. Now you can build out that flow and send the data anywhere you need it.

Here it is Hooked up to a To Do Application

In this video example we showcased how you can connect a webhook to then run a workflow with todoist. We chose to do this with our growth ideas model so you can automatically send those growth ideas to a to do list. This ensures that they get actioned and you can choose the best quality ones to send. A perfect workflow to save you a bit of time and energy. The potential of Zapier and Content Villain is incredible and we can't wait to see what you will build.