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About Content Villain

We are a cutting edge A.I. powered writing assistant for marketers, copywriters and entrepreneurs. The 20s are the decade of A.I. and we're just getting started. With a strong emphasis on custom solutions, integrations and automations. We are uniquely positioned to take advantage of the digital transformation happening in businesses of all sizes. Through our many A.I. products, startups just finding product / market fit up unto Fortune 500 enterprises can benefit from our methods and models. Establishing ourselves as innovators and leaders in the custom model space, quality outputs and helping our users with models that help them with real business problems is what drives us. As we continue to scale Content Villain, we are looking for exceptional talent to join this journey.

What are we looking for?

A self starter and a can-do attitude. Someone who is comfortable finding their own leads, implementing an organized system within a CRM and ensuring that every single task due on that day is done. We'll give you the support and the tools you need to succeed but also the freedom to put your unique spin on the business development process. We aren't afraid to innovate, experiment and try new things and we're looking for someone who shares that outlook. We don't do bloated teams or scale without necessity so you will be in direct contact with the whole team through our communication platform of choice - Slack. Massive opportunity for growth and success as we increasingly add new features to our product.

The skills you need

We're not so focused on formal education. Sure it can show some importance but we are more interested in what you have done, your attitude and how you apply yourself to different situations. We are a remote first company and have a team which has been working remotely for years. Our tech stack involves Close CRM, Slack, Integromat and Airtable. It would be great if you were familiar with these tools as you would soon become an expert using them with Content Villain.

  • Previous Business Development Experience
  • Comfortable Working in an Early Startup
  • Fast-Moving, not afraid of Failure or Experimenting
  • Organized & Efficient
  • Great at Emails & Phone Calls

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