Tweaking our models to perfection

A.I. technology will only work great, if the crafting of the model is great. We take a lot of time and consideration when training our models and consider this process to be an art form.

With 50+ unique models and many more from our custom solutions, Content Villain is a leader in innovation and understanding the perfect model for your needs

Create blog posts

Every model created is created to save you time and improve your content quality. Blog posts are a large part of content creation for brands online. Content Villain offers models from Blog Ideas to Outlines, Blog Introductions to Conclusions and our Long form content creation process is a pleasure to work with.

Product descriptions for ecommerce dreams

Something that we do differently and we pride ourselves on is to go deep into the problem that our users have. That is why we created multiple product description models. Currently we have a standard model for ecommerce and more in-depth models for food products, SaaS products and even Etsy. Our long form Amazon descriptions are coming super soon.

Make professional business emails

Saving you time in your business operations is what we're all about. Doing this through automation and integration opens up a whole world of possibilities. With a comprehensive selection of email models including churn & feedback, meeting reminders, complaint escalation, outbound sales and much more. No more human errors.

Social media & ads

How your business appears online and the reputation of your brand gets more important every single day. Our unique A.I. models for Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube ensure you can come up with ideas and content for advertisements and posts. Twitter and Instagram models will be released in the coming weeks.

Spark creativity with our idea models

The dreaded blank page is a real problem. You can spend a ton of time procrastinating and end up not getting anything done. Unique A.I. models for blog ideas, growth ideas, business ideas, marketing ideas, twitter content strategies and much more will make you more productive and give you time to focus on the things that matter.

Website & sales copy and marketing

Sometimes you just need to think differently about how to advertise your product or service. We have professionally trained models offering many of the classics in sales; from figuring out marketing angles to pain - agitate - solution, AIDA, features to benefit and much more. You can take these generations and create exciting website copy from meta descriptions to landing page text.

Property sales, rentals and vacation rentals

Often in this business a lot of time is spent on writing descriptions. What if I told you that you could spend a lot less time doing this? Our unique property models will give you exciting and thorough descriptions for your real estate listings every single time. They are also pretty perfect for Airbnb and other vacation rental sites.

Education, essays, learning & homework

The business use case for A.I. is clear but it is equally important for education and can improve a student's thought process and give them clarity in their work. Let Content Villain help you structure your essay outlines, write your introductions and act as a helpful thesaurus for when you use nice, that one too many times.

Need custom solutions for your business?

This is where we get really excited! Our custom models are a way to really drill down on your individual content needs and provide you with a custom solution unique to create the type of content you desire. This can be in the form of adapting one of our current models by training it with your data to give it your voice to creating something truly unique from the ground up.