Creating great content with Content Villain is one thing. Feeding in content that you have to know whether it is positive, negative, urgent, high priority, or anything else is a different matter altogether. Sentiment analysis can help you to understand reviews better. Classifying support tickets can make your team run more efficiently.

Both a sentiment analysis model and text classifier model will be released this week and that makes me super excited. With a background in vacation rentals, I understand the importance of reviews. Being able to quickly assess how many reviews are left and how many are positive or negative gives you a wider outlook on how a business is performing, the same could be said for an ecommerce store.

Using data like this will enable you to make decisions in your business and ultimately grow it. You could also set up your support emails to go through a text classifier system, this will let your team know which are high priority or urgent so they can be tackled first. We hope to continue to build out great models like these in the future. I am actively developing a review response model which will be super fun to work with the sentiment analysis model and the API when it is released.

Like I have tried to make clear from the start of Content Villain, we want to provide you with models that can be easily used with webhooks, API, and integrations. The more you can involve the tools you are already using in the process of generating great content (and analysis!) online, the better!